Alcohol law

Every personal, administrative or criminal injury that is caused by using an alcoholic drinks falls under this law. Each of these cases have its own set of regulations regarding this law that is monitored by state and local institutions, while the federal institutions and law regulate import, taxes, labels and advertisement of alcoholic beverages.

Federal law also regulates the usage of alcohol, for example: in 1984 Congress voted and made a legislation regarding use of alcoholic beverages; every person who is under the 21 years of life cannot possess of purchase alcohol and all states implemented this regulation into their law.

fkgaqefyajmf9p5ruuytState prohibits every person who is under the influence of the alcohol to drive a motor vehicle.You can get more info on navigate to this web-site This law manages the drunk driving in the meaning that measures the level of alcohol in the blood. There is certain amount of alcohol that is permitted while operating the motor vehicle and that limit is 0,08% for non-commercial drivers. Citizens, who are under the age of 21 can face criminal charges for possession and purchase of alcoholic beverages but some state allow usage of alcohol in home conditions and in presents of the parents.

Other alcohol crimes include public drinking and intoxication as well as public distribution of alcohol.

If some person intends to start business of production and selling of alcohol, he must get a license and states and counties monitor these licenses.  For filing a claim for these licenses website over here can help you. All establishment like restaurants, liquor stores and taverns must enquire a license for selling alcoholic drinks and this can determine their success or failure. It is wise to always consult a lawyer, who is engaged in this area, to help you get the right documentation that is necessary for this process. In some cases, the license can be revoked or denied if procedure isn’t complied.
In this law there is a term dram shop liability that refers to legal cases when an establishment serves drinks to clearly drunk consumers. For example: when a customer, who is clearly drunk, returns home from a bar and makes some kind of accident, by the law he has the right to sue establishment.


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Only in China – Restaurant owner drugged his costumers

An interesting case is coming to us from Land of Far Away – China. According The South China Morning Post a noodle shop owner was arrested and detained for 10 days, before he admitted that he had been adding illegal substance of a poppy plant into noodles hot pot souse! Poppy plant is an essence from which opium is made. So, as we understand the owner of the noodle restaurant did everything that he could for his business. Literally, he drugged his costumers just to be sure that they will keep on coming to his restaurant. Imagine that!

So, his food was quite addictive for some time. It makes us wonder: how no one remembered that in first place in U.S.? leaving-las-vegasBut then, one day, one of his costumers failed on an anti-driving program. Liu Iyou, driver in a local firm has been detained in prison for 15 days before authorities started paying more attention to his story. Can you imagine how did he feel? Or just how did the police officers feel after his story? – I don’t do drugs! The noodles drugged me! If you notice anything suspicious in your favorite restaurant contact site here and tell him.

For 15 days he kept on telling the same story. Finally, after long hours of despair one of the police officers started to give more attention to the Liu constant accusations to the noodle restaurant.

The attention came when Liu asked for help from his family members. After hearing his story, a few members of his family went to the famous restaurant and order the same noodles with hot pot souse that he used to eat. Tomorrow they went to take test on drug, and guess what happened then! After going to police and showing the test results to the police officers, Liu was set free and police launched an investigation.
Let’s come back on our main character, the restaurant owner. Apparently, he purchased about 2kg of poppy shells for 600 yuan (756 $), and using it as one of the ingredients for his famous hot pot souse for noodles. His business was growing, so probably half of his clients were addictive to his cuisine.

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